My name is Jack Farrell and I’m returning to acting after spending twenty-some years as an IATSE #52 carpenter.  Back in the day, from the late ‘70 to the early ‘90s, I was pretty busy as an actor, I was signed with Funny Face for print. I also spent five years performing and teaching with an improv company, The New York Team for Theatre Sports, singing in clubs around town and doing the usual actor stuff (my yearly Law and Order, soaps, the occasional commercial, etc).

In my last two years before retiring, in anticipation of a return to acting, I continued working, at least four days a week, while I took acting lessons with Deborah Kampmeier.    I kept my soul alive by playing with my band, “Fishcakes and the Fried Daddies” - those were special days. I am truly excited to return to the noble profession.

Nowadays, people often see me as an intimidating bad guy (which really confuses me, because I’m a really nice guy; I was a hippy!),  but I still have my big smile that kept me fed as a model. I can also do a crazy uncle,  fixer lawyer, bartender, or a cop.

I’m also an outdoor guy and am comfortable with a chainsaw and a canoe.   In my last theater role, “Alms” at NY Theatre Workshop,  I was cast as a cynical Irish Catholic.   Who knows where people get these ideas!

I am back now,  and very excited to be applying myself to acting full time!  Spring is coming or so they say!!!